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Welcome to the The FAR-II Universe WikiEdit

The Future Tech Alternative World Roleplay -or FAR-II Universe is a Role Playing group for some of the Future Tech players in the NationStates forum. The original Roleplay died out and has been replaced with a spiritual successor, the very nicely-named FAR-II.

FAR-II is a persistent world dedicated to a FT universe. Politics, wars, and factions will take on more meaning than just the random one shot RPs that are scattered about, because what is RPed effect the whole FAR universe. The people who join make a FT civilization that is unique to their idea, and then RP their civilization traveling the stars so long as it does step on existing cannon. Players are encouraged to play from multiple perspectives in the RPs rather than a topdown RTS style that is common on NS, This is by no means required though. Factions, alliances, and treaties will form between players and of course there will be war but between the war there will be the stories of your nation and its mark on the stars of the FAR universe.

The Tenebris Galaxy is far away from our own Milky way and is home to many different space faring species. One of the wonders of this galaxy is its vast network of gates which are spread in all corners of the galaxy giving civilizations links to far away places that were were not accessible with slower FTL drives. Various nations fight over these gates or make alliances to share these gates, either way the civilization that created this system has affected interstellar politics to this day.

In this wiki, the different civilisations and technologies used within the FAR universe are documented. It exists to serve as a database for all FAR topics, and to ensure players do not make up new technologies on-the-fly as they are needed, to a certain extent.

Any FAR members may provide contributions, but kindly do not edit other people's pages. Vandalism is a serious matter, and there is a difference between correcting spelling and deleting a page's content. Please remain civil in here.

Getting StartedEdit

The FAR Universe Map

This is a good place to start if you're new to FAR, which is set in the Tenebris Galaxy, or just want to look at things and figure out who your neighbors are.


This is a list of the civilizations currently in the galaxy, and links to their respective pages.

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So you stumbled upon our wiki by accident, or forgot where the thread was? These are some important links to help FAR players or non-players find their way to NationStates and FAR itself.

Nationstates, where the action happens.

FAR Thread, where you can sign up and begin to participate.

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